Red Dates

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Facts about red dates: Rich of Vitamin A, B2 and C, on the top list of all fruits. Fresh dates have Vitamin C of 7-10 times of tangerines, 75 times of apples. Rich of 14 types of vital amino acids to human body, 6 types Organic acids, 36 types of trace elements.

Taste & nature: Mild sweet. Nurturing & rejuvenating.

How to use:
1. snack 3-5/day rejuvenates the complexion and result a longevity!

2. 8 -10 dates alone or mix with GoQi or GoQi plus Longan as complimented products in same amount, add 3 cup of water to cook to boiling, then simmer for 10 min. then add drops of honey when the temperature down below 80, enjoy as a desert soup or like tea, smell its aroma and feel its qi traveling through your body. A great fast easy dish any time when the body feels need the extra energy.Red dates field 2

The amazing Chinese dates and its complimented GoQi and Longan are available to pre-order to add to your enjoyment for a longevity life.               TXT to: 602.507.9681 or email to:

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红枣: 含有多种丰富的维生素A, B2, C,称得百果之冠。鲜红枣中维生素c的含量较柑橘高7~10倍,为苹果的75倍。红枣中还含有益于健康的化学成分如谷氨本酸、赖氨酸、精氨酸等14种氨基酸,苹果酸、酒后酸等6种有机酸,黄酮类化合物及磷、钾、镁、钙、铁等36种微量元素。

中医认为: 大枣性平味甘, 能补中益气,养胃健脾,养血壮神,润心肺,生津液,悦颜色,通九窍,助十二经,解药毒,调和百药, 补血, 美容。

补法:1 每日随手食3-5粒 2 体虚或刻意养生壮气可 随需要煲汤喝,配助料效果更好。 助料:花 生果 和 或枸杞子.

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