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Understand this significance! The feet are the roots or second heart of the body.  Each foot has contact points that link to related organs.  Massaging the feet is an effective way to nourish, heal and rejuvenate your life.

Our insoles are the result of new science that combines the knowledge of the function of the human body with natural materials incorporated in the insoles that promote healing benefits through magnetic force and infrared penetration into  all internal organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, etc. and all of the body meridians. See photos on this page.

Our insoles can immediately make your shoes very comfortable while also energizing your entire body.  As you are standing, walking or running throughout the day you will be nourishing your internal organs and releasing pain and stress.

Among our happy customers are people from all 'walks' of life who are impressed with the value of these insoles and confirm their benefits.

The following is a user testimony which has now become our mission and promise:  These are the Number 1 insoles in the world that can quickly improve your health and quality of life.

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Advanced material w. stronger magnetic + infrared penetration force for  athletes:amazing shoe sole 2021shoe sole brand name intro design 1远红外多功能足疗按摩鞋垫产品 2 no price marked

*We are accepting applications for regional sale directors.
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Instructions on proper use:
1. Buy the correct size of shoes and insoles.  For detailed   instructions visit this article and article of shoe size conversion.
2. Depending on certain styles of shoes, the insoles may need to be resized to ensure a perfect fit, taking care not to cut them too small.
3. It  is advisable to be completely familiar with the foot diagram above to know which areas of the foot relate to which organs.

*We are accepting applications for regional sale directors.
Please email us at: office@doveglobal.biz